Permanent Identification

At Pinnacle Animal Hospital, we offer microchip identification services to help ensure the safety and security of your pets. Our dedicated team is here to provide reliable microchip solutions for pet owners.

Permanent Identification

When a pet is separated from his or her owner, it is a frightening situation. Owners are concerned about their pet’s safety, as well as who will discover them and how they will be reunited. Pets have been known to escape from their collars, and identification tags might break off or become illegible. Microchips are a permanent option that will assist you in reuniting with your missing pet!

A small microchip is implanted beneath the skin between the dog’s or cat’s shoulder blades (other species, such as ferrets, can also be microchipped). The microchip has an identifying number that a scanner can read. The chip may be read by a veterinarian’s office or an animal shelter to determine who owns the animal.

The Benefits of Permanent Identification

Ensuring your pet’s permanent identification offers invaluable peace of mind for pet parents. Here are some key benefits of this service:

  • Instantly identify lost or stray pets: If your furry buddy goes missing, Pet Permanent Identification greatly boosts the chances of a quick reunion. Veterinary professionals, shelters, and even concerned citizens may immediately obtain critical contact information with a simple scan, assuring your pet’s safe return home.
  • Reduce stress and uncertainty: Losing a pet may be an extremely upsetting event. You may prevent the emotional rollercoaster of hunting for your beloved buddy indefinitely with Pet Permanent Identification. The knowledge that they have a kind of identification that cannot be easily removed or misplaced provides tremendous peace of mind. When inserted at this location, there is no annual charge.

Contact Pinnacle Animal Hospital in Arden, NC, to learn more about Pet Permanent Identification and schedule an appointment today. Safeguard your pet’s future, provide peace of mind, and strengthen the unbreakable bond you share with your beloved companion.